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Total Life Transformation (12 sessions)

This series is designed to bring about transformation to many areas of life at once. It works on clearing trauma from the following areas; childhood; the time in the womb and birth; past lives and future possibilities. The series involves emotional release and physical clearings to tap into your hidden potential. When you are cleansed of trauma on such a deep level it becomes much easier to discover your light essence.  Awaken to your original Blue Print!

Lineage Recalibration – Body Relays (6 sessions)

This series works on releasing negative ancestral imprints, which come through the bloodline. It brings to light the refined potential of your basic DNA and reconnects you with the positive qualities you have inherited from your ancestors.   (Must have completed the series of 1st 4 circles)

Karmic Realignment – 5th Circle (5 sessions)

This series explores the root cause of your karmic patterns. The 5th circle is an opening into the dimension beyond the body to the oceanic space where we can have direct access to our soul.  (Must have completed the series of 1st 4 circles)

Victory Over Birth/Genetic Imprint Trauma Series (9 sessions)

This series cleanses trauma stored in the body/mind from the time of conception, the 9 months in the womb and birth. It also enters into the dimension of the Bardo, (time in-between death and rebirth) helping transcend stuck patterns, which repeat over and over. This series is recommended for any addictive tendencies, deep insecurity issues, or if it is known that the birth has been difficult. This is a great series for helping you to move forward in your life.

For children: the prenatal series is also excellent and safe for children of all ages where there has been a difficult birth, pregnancy complications or shock in early life. 

Relationship Reframing Series (9 sessions)

This series helps to release negative imprints from mother and father, thus helping you to discover your own unique truth. It is a powerful process, bringing about a profound cellular release of the unconscious programming your parents (or direct caregivers) may have passed on to you. This enables you to interact more clearly in relationships.


The series is especially good if you find yourself repeating the same patterns of relating over and over. Relationship Reframing is also very helpful for adults who have experienced trauma or abuse in childhood. It is recommended for issues around finding your center. Heal your Inner Child.

Attachment Liberation (3 sessions)

This series helps you to release deep rooted blockages that stem from an issue or to ‘unhook’ from a person, thought, or pattern - thus freeing you to live your life energy in a way that is more in tune with how you want to show up in the world.

Joy Advancement (4 sessions)

This series works on opening the channels of receptivity of our Information.  This is a powerful sequence to stop negative, outdated “programs” running in the hardware and software of your vessel – and open to the Light force available 24/7.  Turn up your antennae!  When you are co-creating with the Divine Force you are stepping forward IN Joy and with Joy.

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