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Who am I?

I am living my Soul TRUTH....and would love to empower you to do the same.  This gig is not easy!  It takes deliberate and intentional seeding, expanding, resting, gathering, nourishing, planting, watering, weeding, digging...repeat! It takes a sense of humor and a bit of sass! And if you are lucky, you find other great Souls to hold your hand along this journey.  That is why I am here!  My endeavors have served to foster my Soul Vessel (body) as a sacred and welcome HOME for my Soul to embody.  I would love to share with Y.O.U.!

I believe that we are made of interdependent parts which each contribute to our own perfect orchestra! Physical, emotional, and spiritual health are equally important.  My intention is to guide you to experience YOUR best expression... by creating a safe, healing environment allowing access to and fostering critical skills needed to fully experience YOUR Soul Vessel!

What is a SoulBody?  It is the culmination of the presence of our Soul - the all pervading unique essence of YOU - and the Vessel in which it is carried - the "body". 

Why trees?  Because they are uniquely designed to find and seek out nourishment both deep into Mother Earth and high reaching above to Father Sky.  And like the trees, we too need the same. 







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