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According to Peter Mandel ~ “Everything has to develop and nothing just occurs”

“The realization that sickness and disease should be identified on as many levels as possible is a cornerstone of Esogetic thinking. The functional evaluation approaches assist us in this inquiry. The more we understand and master them, the better we can encounter the sick individual as a healing practitioner.”  


A central method of the holistic evaluation systems used by Esogetics is Energy Emission Analysis (EEA). While Esogetic therapy can be done without Kirlian photography, Mandel’s Kirlian EEA greatly enhances the precision of his work.  Kirlian photography is a method of photographing the energetic radiation emitted by the body. This approach is based in physics since every living organism discharges electrical impulses. 

Over the past fifty years Peter Mandel has perfected a unique method of identifying energetic imbalances in the corona shaped discharges from the fingers and toes. The EEA topography results from the twenty start and end points of the meridians on the hands and feet. The interpretations of the energetic meaning of each finger and toe by Peter Mandel are based on the terminology of classical acupuncture the descriptions of electro-acupuncture according to Dr Rheinhold Voll.

Mandel has developed a set of steps or procedures for interpreting the specific energetic phenomena which he has catalogued during fifty years of looking at over a million photographs of clients in his practice. They are studied in relation to clinical laboratory results and the client’s responses to treatments.

The method allows the practitioner to grasp the patient’s uniqueness independent of the therapist’s own viewpoint. We can trace the causal chain of the disease backwards independent of where it is located or what description it carries. Consequently we can use therapies which orient themselves according to the strategy of development and not according to the primarily complaints or the disease label.

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