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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient form of therapeutic healing born in the temples of Thailand over 2,500 years ago. It combines acupressure, energy/meridian balancing, stretching, and gentle yoga postures to align the energies of the body for optimal health and wellness. Since we understand that stress and disease are caused by blockages in our vital energy flow, the aim of this bodywork is to release those blockages, restore equilibrium and harmony, and promote a return to good health.

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique type of massage that combines stretching, gentle twisting, compression and palming in order to encourage the body to release tension and increase blood flow.  Thai Yoga Massage is received fully clothed lying on a mat on the floor while the practitioner gently guides your body, like a dance partner.

A Thai Yoga Massage stimulates pressure points to open the body’s energy pathways and allows the body to heal. It’s a more active type of massage with different yoga poses which allow for a deeper stretch. This technique differs from a traditional massage but has many benefits to help heal your body.

Here are several benefits of a Thai Yoga Massage:
1. Improves range of motion
2. Relieves pain and muscle tension
3. Deep relaxation and relieves stress
4. Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
5. Reduces headaches and increases energy level    

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