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Emotions are not bad and scary things, but signs that the psyche is trying to heal itself.
Emotions are necessary expressions of what were perhaps unspeakable inner truths.

~Karla McLaren

The problematic situations in your life are not chance or haphazard. They are specifically yours, designed specifically for you by a part of you that loves you more than anything else. The part of you that loves you more than anything else has created roadblocks to lead you to yourself. Without something pricking you in the side, saying, “Look here! This way!” you are not going to go the right direction. The part of you that designed this loves you so much that it doesn’t want you to lose the chance. It will go to extreme measures to wake you up, and it will make you suffer greatly if you don’t listen. What else can it do? That is its purpose. How much suffering and difficulty it brings you is immaterial in relation to the fulfillment and satisfaction you will have when you actually struggle and see the fruits of the struggle. You can look at your problems as difficulties to be gotten rid of as fast as possible with the least struggle, or you can look at them from the perspective of the part of you that is guiding you to yourself. If you look at them from that more accurate, more finely tuned perspective, the new issues that then arise have a new value. They have nutrition that you need. The whole process works with the utmost purity, the most complete intelligence and compassion. The most difficult things that happen to you are, on the deepest level, the most compassionate."

~A.H. Almaas

The portals are hidden in perception gaps.... things that you remember the way you want them to be, not the way they actually were ... because you are in denial or your perception was colored by anger or whatever. So these defense mechanisms are composed of synapses. If you can break down the synapses in the false memory... that will reveal the real memory and the synaptic troll will expose the portal.

~the Flash

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